Discussion Panel with Dogsaunt Arts and Dalsoor

Dogsaunt Arts and their collaboration with Somalia Creativity Hub, Film screening and talk by Dalsoor


Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 18:30-20:00


The name ‘Dogsaunt’ is an anagram of Doug and Stan, the founding artists. Doug, having spent most of his working life as a metal worker, was commissioned to incorporate steel structure into some of Stan’s wood and tree sculptures. Their appreciation of each other’s compositions resulted in their decision to set up a studio together near Aldeburgh in Suffolk.The studio has further expanded by welcoming Rachel who specialises in Abstract art and Digital wall hangings.

Dalsoor is an independent online video platform designed to serve the Somali global community. It has been established by Jamal Osman in order to connect, inform and educate Somali people. Dalsoor is willing to be the voice of ordinary Somalis. Dalsoor’s team conducts interview, asking real questions, highlighting wrongdoings and bad practices.


Stan AKA Yelnats works in all mixed medias creating very large commissioned wall hangings, moving from fine art through to contemporary and settling into a period of abstract expressionism.
He is now happily established in his action speed painting – examples of which include “David Bai- ley, Ricky Grover” in the East End Boys series.

Rachel Hollington is from a background of the London School of Furniture and working with Angel Interiors has undertaken commissioned work for King Hussain of Jordan, the Sultan of Brunei and ‘Beatle’ George Harrison, etc. She is enjoying a wonderful period of abstract expressionism and digital art, working in all medias and canvas sizes.Through her excellent take on interior design, Rachel’s work is a must-have accessory when putting together a new fit out.

Doug Jones finds inspiration in discarded every day metal objects which he adapts and welds into unusual furniture and sculptures. His metal framed steel plate pictures are gaining popularity and are new edition to his repertoire including works like “Shard Rising” and “Afan Fire & Steel”.

Jamal Osman is a multi-award winning journalist and filmmaker specialising in sub-Saharan Africa. He has been working with ITN/Channel 4 News since 2008. Jamal has scooped interviews with Somali pirates, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, Al-Shabab, exposed the illegal trade in UN food aid and told the struggles of Somali athletes training for the Olympics.






Supported by: Help Yateem, Aziz Founation, Universal TV,  Dogsaunt Art and Travel Express