The Story Behind the Image by Hamida Zéd


Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 18:30-20:00


Hamida Zéd is an Algerian-French art history graduate with a deep interest in the colonial past of Algeria and in exploring her native roots and culture. Using analogue photography and digital collages as main mediums, her work revolves around the colonial and military photography that was produced by the French during 132 years of colonisation.

Delving particularly into the occurrence and the visibility of the local women in these photographic collections and in other arts ‘masterpieces’, she challenges the Orientalist gaze that perceives the indigenous population as exotic but enslaved. Zéd urges us to consider the appropriation of ‘Algerian’ and be extension every colonised peoples and cultures.



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Supported by: AMAL: A Said Foundation Project, The Arab British Centre, DARF Publishers & Noon Arts Projects