Wednesday, 5th December 2018 | 18:30 - 21:00 


Screening of the film “N1” and exposure of three little boxes containing objects related to the film.

N1 is the old national road that from Tangier, Morocco, arrives in Mauritania. This documentary film is a diary that gathers a collection of trips around the N1, and is the first extract from the Moroccan Diaries archive, started in 2008 by two Italian artists, Francesca Amato Arragon and Ruggero Mantovani. Places are the real protagonists, as well as the relations of places with whom or what passes through them. The archive is still ongoing, while highways and railways are being built and the N1 road is still changing.

This film has not a narrator, being filmed with the travelers subjective-shot. This film contains voices, but the faces are rarely shown: the travelers come from a society where everyone’s eager to show their own image, while the one they are traveling is often afraid of cameras, and prefers symbols to images. This film has many characters beyond people: wind, water, plants, animals, landscapes, a seashell. This film is a travel experience and an open object: it changed through 10 years as the landscapes in which it was born, and it will become another film in the next 10 years, growing with the people and changing as its landscapes.


FAARM is the artist group made by Francesca Amato Arragon + Ruggero Mantovani.

FAA: Francesca Amato Arragon (16/10/1980, Verona): visual artist based in Italy. She loves: ocean / sculpture / writing / stones / dance / old stuff. She goes in Morocco since 100.000 years ago. 

RM: Ruggero Mantovani (15/11/1977, Verona): Videomaker based in Italy. He loves: plants / questions and nuts. He’s grateful to the music, that suddenly started.

Francesca Amato Arragon and Ruggero Mantovani are still making the Moroccan Diaries project, a multimedia archive regarding a specific region of Morocco in a period of time: a collection of people, texts, pictures, experiences and videos made during ten years, now leading to the making of N1, a raw endless documentary and their first film.



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