Interfaith Childhoods: Common Threads Found Through Art


Saturday, 30th June 2018, 13:00 - 16:00



This workshop is open to parents and their children aged 5-8 years. Participants will learn to use digital media (iPads and styluses), textiles and material collage to explore ideas of ‘what really matters’ and think through how feelings of belonging come about in relation to cultural and religious symbols, places, smells, sounds and ways of being. Working together, parents and their children will make short animated films about their family story and values will be part of the process of constructing a large calico tent that is decorated with symbols of ‘what really matters’. The workshop is free and open to people of all beliefs, including secular members of the community. The workshop is part of the Interfaith Childhoods project. For more information, see: www.interfaithchildhoods.com 

Anna Hickey-Moody is a Professor at RMIT University in the Digital Ethnography Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia, as well as a Visiting Research Fellow at CUCR, Goldsmiths  and Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She has worked with arts practice as method since the late 1990s. Anna is known for her methodological expertise with affect theory, and qualitative and practice research, which has links to contemporary debates on methodological invention.




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Supported by: RMIT University, Digital Ethnography Research Centre, Goldsmiths University of London & CUCR