100 Shades of Grey

Britain's Balfour Legacy: a Century of Discord and Division


Thursday, 19th October 2017, 18:30 - 20:00


Many, Jews will feel joy in 2017 as they celebrate 100 years after the British declaration that led to the birth of their nation.

This film will remember the other side of that narrative.
Israel is a young nation, with many years ahead of it. But we cannot ignore the other living present wrought by the stroke of Lord Balfour's pen: the continuing dispossession, the deaths, the statelessness, the poverty, the lack of opportunity for the Arab young, the despair of their old.

All of this will change. It can change. It must change.
But change only comes about through understanding, through being able to see other viewpoints, from being able to find the light in the midst of 100 shades of grey.

The film will be followed by time for questions and reception.


Martin Buckley, Director, has worked in BBC TV as a reporter, director and producer as well as for the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel. For over 20 years, he reported for From Our Own Correspondent, Radio 4/World Service. He has also published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines, including the Independent, the Observer, the Times, the Telegraph and the New Statesman.

Miranda Pinch, Producer, a retired social worker, is active in Palestinian human rights issues with several organisations and travels to the region regularly. She is the daughter of a Jewish refugee who was ashamed at Israel's inhumane treatment of the Palestinians supposedly 'in her name' as a Jew. She is passionate about human rights and justice and believes there is no excuse for any group to claim greater rights and privileges than others. 



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