Rebranding Tunisian Crafts by Dhafer Ben Khaifa


Saturday, 21st October 2017, 14:30 - 16:00


As the Founder of ‘Collectif Creatif’, Dhafer Ben Khalifa promotes and celebrates Tunisian culture through the creative industries. His personal artistic initiatives, at both local and international levels, are based on the renewal of craftsmanship and moving beyond semantic clichés.

He aims to emphasise the creative aspects of product development processes, from interior design to music, through to fashion and graphics.

Ben Khalifa’s most successful project to date was his reconstructing of the traditional North African slipper, known locally as babouche or balgha. He incorporates colourful folk iconographies and kitsch artisanal imagery onto the slippers, including Turkish coffee pots and geometric patterns.

Critics have praised Ben Khalifa for successfully documenting Tunisian culture and immortalising some of its aspects in the form of flamboyant garments.







Supported by: AMAL: A Said Foundation Project, The Arab British Centre, DARF Publishers & Noon Arts Projects