Punk? Are you serious!

by Timothy Carson


Wednesday 8th February 2017, 18:30 - 20:00


Talk by academic and renowned rebel jeweller Tim Carson.


Tim Carson produces badges and other works that explore questions surrounding authorship in conjunction with notions of misdirection and ‘false’ narratives. And if you were to deconstruct that work to identify the separate ingredients you’d find a bit of Punk, a smear of Dada, some Goons, a nod to Situationism, Jean Tinguely lurking, the dilapidated farm machinery of his youth and jokes that very much vary in quality.

Timothy Carson’s work has been featured in the V&A (London, UK), Roger Billcliffe Gallery (Glasgow, UK), Atta Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand), Galerie Legnica (Legnica, Poland) including solo exhibitions at Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco, USA, 2009), Galerie Louise Smit (Amsterdam, Holland, 2011) and Galerie 84GHz (Munich, Germany, 2012)