Masriyyano by Qarm Qart


Thursday, 5th October 2017, 18:30 - 20:00


Qarm Qart – real name Carmine Cartolano - is a versatile Italian artist, translator, writer and language teacher who has been living in Cairo since 1999 and considers himself a proud Cairene. Born in Salerno in 1972, he studied Arabic and Persian at the Instituto Universitario Orientale in Naples before his major relocation.

Qart’s mixed media artwork, which has been exhibited in both Italy and Egypt, has been described by some as ‘psychedelic’ and by others as ‘surreal’; but, however you view it, he is always engaging with the issues that impact on the lives of all Egyptians; looking at, for example, the local politics, government corruption, garbage, street harassment and unemployment.

He is also the author of two positively received books written in the Egyptian Arabic: The ‘Masriyyano’ collection of short stories chronicling his life as an Italian artist in Egypt and ‘Momo’. Qart has also published many translations from Arabic into Italian. For this talk, he will share his journey as a creative in Cairo and how the local popular culture continues to inspire his work and writings.


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Supported by: AMAL: A Said Foundation Project, The Arab British Centre, DARF Publishers & Noon Arts Projects