Live Interactive Calligraphy


Saturday, 18th August 2018 | 12:00 - 16:00


Join young artist and calligrapher Ghaleb Hawila for a Live interactive calligraphy performance in the heart of London!

As part of "Tints of Resilience" exhibition public programme, the artist will paint a beautiful piece of calligraphy at the entrance of P21 Gallery. He is using an extract of “My Friends” a poem by famous Lebanese poet Elia Abou Madi. The verses express a collective recognition of suffering and the possibility of a collective force of resilience, from Lebanon, to Syria, to the world.

The artist used extracts from the same poem in his collection, "Migrating Letters", displayed at Tints of Resilience exhibition. The collection is a piece done in collaboration with ten children living in a refugee camp in Bekaa, North Lebanon.

“The project made me step out of my workshop and enjoy the work of these children, and then carry it outside the camp”.

You are invited to join Ghaleb Hawila in this parallel performance and actively participate in his calligraphic composition.


Ghaleb Hawila was born in 1993 in Sour, south of Lebanon. He studied Graphic Design as an undergraduate and he then went on to study the classical art of Arabic calligraphy with acclaimed masters including Fadi Ouayid.

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of this timeless art, Ghaleb seeks to approach it with a new eye. His work comes from deep understanding of Middle-Eastern heritage, spiritual paths, and continuous search for origin, cause and effect. He recently participated in The Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, 8th edition, 2018 where he showcased his work “Nuqta”.




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Supported by: AFAC The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Alphabet For Alternative Educationand private individuals.