PERFORMANCES and TALK followed by Q&A


‘Mustafa Sa’eed in Amsterdam’  by Mohammed Terwis

Saturday 6th May 2017, 12:30 - 13:30

Which essential elements formed Omdurman's songs in central Sudan? by Sadig S. Gibril 

Saturday 6th May 2017, 13:30 - 15:30



Mohammed Terwis play is a comedy theatre solo about an actor from Sudan who applies for asylum status in Amsterdam. The story takes place in the Home Office in the Netherlands where the asylum seeker is interviewed about his journey and his motives to seek refuge in Europe. He is confronted with questions about his name, identity, religion and education.

The character inspiration for Terwis’ performance is Mustafa Sa’eed from the novel ‘Season of Migration to the North’ by Tayed Salih. Terwis’ character is also named Mustafa Sa’eed and he introduces the performance by questioning himself: "Am I an actor or am I an asylum seeker"? 

Before reaching Amsterdam the contemporary asylum seeker believed he would be treated as Mustafa Sa’eed in the UK during the nineteen-sixties where he was granted a scholarship at Oxford and became famous in the English literary and political circles. Tayed Salih also explored extensively Mustafa’s relationships with white women and how he attracts them by appealing to their Orientalist fantasies. 

Mustafa, the asylum seeker soon found out he is not living the life of his hero and he is confronted to face his own life. The short play offers a reflection on dreams, expectations and disillusionment.


Sadig Gibril talk will Reflect on Omdurman’s songs from a historical and musical perspective.



Mohammed Terwis is an energetic, creative Sudanese actor with excellent experience in arts management, theater-making and cultural Advising, obtained a BA (Hons) in Art and Economics from University of The Arts, Utrecht – The Netherlands. Terwis studied at the High Institute for Music and Drama (1991 – 1997).

For the past sixteen years, I have working for NGOs and Governmental organizations as Theater-maker & actor I have been working as an exchange cultural manger between the Netherlands Arts Foundations and the Africa I have realized one of the big artistic project in Sudan with Corporation with Theater Embassy Organisation for Amsterdam.

‘I believe Drama could be used as an educational tool that allows your managers to practice communication skills and tackle challenging situations in a safe environment more effectively, thus, helping to optimize the learning process and aid raising awareness across communities. I am an expert in providing both the tools and the know-how to create effective learning environments enhance, develop, assess and evaluate individuals’ behavior using proven drama-led techniques’.


Sadig Gibril was born and raised in Sudan and now teaches lute and tours the world giving concerts. Sadig left his country in 1991 and relocated to Belgium where he achieved his Master in Arabic lute at the prestigious Lemmensinstituut (a Belgian conservatory of music in Leuven city). He taught at the same institute from 2008 till 2010. He is also teaching in several Academies in the Flemish side of Belgium, in Gent, Antwerp and Brussels. 

He worked together with different artists and Ensembles such as Luis Marquiz, Jef Neven and Zifiro Torna. Sadig has now his own musical group, SADIG group.







Funded by: AFAC – Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and the Arab British Centre