Space of Refuge - A Spatial Installation

Speaker: Samar Maqusi and Guest Speaker Ahmed Tobasi, Moderator: Prof Murray Fraser


Friday 10th March 2017, 18:00 – 20:00


The installation investigates the spatial production and evolution of Palestinian refugee camps since the 1940s, situating this within a documented history of practices of different host countries and the precarious geo- political situation in the Middle East. The reworked installation will address issues of inhabitation within camps in two host countries, namely Jordan and Lebanon, thereby highlighting the question of what becomes of these camp spaces when left unresolved over such a protracted period of time.


Samar Maqusi, PhD Architectural Design, UCL: Samar is an architect and urban specialist with 10+ years of experience. Samar has worked with UNRWA as an architect/planner since 2010. Her research explores the spatial evolution and politics of Palestinian refugee camps.


Ahmed Tobasi: Palestinian Actor & Director, The Freedom Theater, Jenin camp & London

An accomplished actor, director and educator with experience working in Palestinian & International theatres. Ahmed was born in a refugee camp in Palestine, restricted and frustrated by the occupation, Tobasi joined an armed resistance and was in prison before his 18th birthday. Upon his release 3 years later, Tobasi embraced the idea that he could become an agent of change and resistance using the medium of theatre. Ahmed was involved in several productions which involved collaborating with artists from different backgrounds as a way to create work that could reach diverse audiences and foster understanding.


Prof Murray Fraser: Vice-Dean of Research, Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. Murray has published extensively on architectural design, architectural history & theory, urbanism, globalisation, post-colonialism, design research and cultural studies. I am General Editor for the 21st edition of Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture (Bloomsbury). As a qualified architect, he set up the Palestinian Regeneration Team (PART) to carry out a range of design projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip along with Dr Yara Sharif and Dr Nasser Golzari. PART's contribution to the regeneration project for the historic centre of Birzeit, near Ramallah, carried out to great acclaim by RIWAQ -- a leading Palestinian NGO involved in historic conservation -- won a 2013 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.





This project is supported by UCL’s Grand Challenges, UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL’s Refuge in a Moving World and Hub Collective.