Tints of Resilience

Art and the development of resilience in zones of conflict.


Thursday, 16th August 2018, 18:00 - 20:00


CURATOR Rania Mneimneh


ARTISTS Anas Albraehe, Ayman Nahleh, Diala Brisly, Dima Nachawi, Ghaleb Hawila, Ghassan Ismail, Margaux Chalançon, Nour Huda, Rania Mneimneh, Youssef Doughan, Zeina Kanawati


P21 Gallery is proud to present Tints of Resilience, a collective exhibition curated by Rania Mneimneh. Bringing together the works of eleven international artists in a rich tapestry of visual artworks, photography, poetry and film, the exhibition explores the potential of art in developing resilience in zones of conflict.

In times of war, life is interrupted and individuals find themselves forcibly alienated from their lands, traditions, and communities. This three-week exhibition places art at the heart of adversity, examining its ability to reconnect and maintain the bonds with home, people, and tradition.



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Supported by: AFAC The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Alphabet For Alternative Educationand private individuals.