Mummy's a Rabbit, Daddy's a Kangaroo!


Saturday, 25th August 2018 | 14:00 - 16:00


In a workshop totally dedicated to your little ones, we will explore through artistic expression the themes of exchange, tolerance and value of diversity.

Artist Diala Brisly will start with an exercise asking your children to imagine two different animals as parents and create a family story centered on howt hey communicate and share their experiences with their child. The end result will be an art book completed by all participants.

This workshop is part of “Tints of Resilience” public programme
Do register your children fast, places are limited! 
Ages 6 to 12.


Diala Brisly was born in Syria. She began as a cartoonist at the Syrian-based Spacetoon channel in 2001 and soon became a layout artist for a variety of cartoon TV shows. Her skills include layout design, animation, concept art, painting, character design, and illustration.

At the onset of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Diala participated artistically in social campaigns and projects focused on social justice, freedom, and human rights. In 2014, she started painting murals and conducting art workshops in refugee centres to support access to education for children refugees.

When not painting you can find Diala dancing. “I dance knowing that everyone is watching yet I feel free in all aspects”.




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Supported by: AFAC The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Alphabet For Alternative Educationand private individuals.