‘The Sudenese Kitchen’ Cooking Masterclass


Saturday, 22nd April 2017, 11:30 - 14:00


Over the past couple of years Omar has been compiling delicious Sudanese recipes, facts and stories to aid cultural understanding of his all too often misjudged country, delving into its volatile past and speculating on an unpredictable future.

Showcasing a cuisine shaped by centuries of nomadic tribes spanning Northern and Western Africa as well as the Middle East, The Sudanese Kitchen pro les the fascinating culture and history behind Sudan’s dishes.

‘About 3 years ago, like many others, I realised that I missed my mum’s fantastic home cooking from our family’s motherland. I longed to change my own cooking, so I spent time with my mother and my aunts, collecting their recipes and stories.

I learned that Sudanese cooking is about ancestry, love for the family and catering to family member’s personal preference. This is why most recipes have an optional and hint sections. Making additions or substitutions based on personal preference leads to a meal that feels and tastes extremely personal’








Funded by: AFAC – Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and the Arab British Centre