Mogadishu 2030


Private View: 20th July 2017, 18:00 - 20:00

Exhibition Dates: 21st July – 19th August 2017


Curators: Ahmed Hassan, C Khalid Macow and Bazi Bussuri


P21 Gallery is delighted to present Mogadishu 2030, a fantastic summer art programme and an exhibition to visualise the future of Mogadishu by 2030 . The 4-week multimedia exhibition is about Somalia contemporary art, literature, poetry, music performances, films, debates and a series of community art activities. Mogadishu 2030 promotes Somalia’s vibrant and fascinating culture and how its artists visualise their future by 2030.


Our exciting summer programme will bring together Somali talents, for better understanding of the Somali Community and its social dynamics; engaging and connecting with many new audiences and transforming stereotypes and promoting different perspectives to that portrayed by the media.


Somali art both historic and contemporary is very distinctive as it combines African, Arab, Persian, Oriental and European heritage. For centuries Somalis interacted with all these communities thanks to the Global Swahili trade route. The theme commemorates with pride our culture, history and our vision for a better future.

The project is determined to nourish the growth of Somalia contemporary creative forces, to increase their visibility and to promote the message carried out by every single artwork. Our portfolio of artists is a combination of many singular stories with deep-seated emotions of love, anger, pride, shame, status, recognition and belonging. All types of art forms will be used to achieve the objectives of the project such as visual and sounds installations, poetry, photography, and drawings from Somali artists and children from the homeland and the diaspora.


According to our outreach research phase many people stated that this project would be a huge lift for Somali youth groups who want to study Art related subjects in universities. Their parents for pursuing such subjects often discourage them. Mogadishu 2030 will promote the value of art and encourage new generation of talents to pursue their dreams as well as this will strengthen their identity.

A three-year study conducted by Adfam (2009) has concluded that Somali community in the UK has been viewed as ‘impenetrable’ and ‘uncommunicative’ and is therefore classified as ‘hard to reach.’ This means “British public wants to know more about Somalis”, to understand the social dynamics of Somalia’s’ culture and traditions both within the UK and in the homeland. Our programme is a unique platform for engagement, exchange, transforming perceptions and enhance understanding between the UK wide audience and Somali communities.

The curatorial team’s believes in the importance of the artist’s practice in the process of social cohesion and empowerment and long lasting impacts on people involved.


Press Information

For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities contact the gallery: info@p21.org.uk, or Abdurahman Khalid Macow:  Tel: 07703773489, E-mail: a.khalid@somalicreative.com




Supported by: Help Yateem, Aziz Founation, Universal TV,  Dogsaunt Art and Travel Express