On Palestine


Private View: Tuesday 27th June 2017, 18:00 – 20:00

Exhibition dates: 28th June – 15th July 2017


Between the 27th June and the 15th July 2017, P21 is hosting a unique exhibition of photographs by artist/scholar Annie Pfingst. On Palestine –2007-2016 apprehends the lives and landscapes, histories and narratives of Palestine and Palestinians through encounters with the architectures and technologies of dispossession and oppression in the ruination of Palestinian space, including the Palestinian villages of 1948, the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the militarised carceral geography of the Naqab. On Palestine brings into our field of vision that which is disappeared, buried and under threat of destruction. Tenacity, resilience and life exist alongside loss and grief.

Three special events will take place during the exhibition featuring prominent scholars in the field, a conversation with the artist and a film screening:

1. 27th June - opening event

2. 5th July - the artist/scholar Annie Pfingst in conversation with Marsha Rosengarten (Professor of Sociology and Co-director of the Centre for Invention and Social Process, Goldsmiths College, University of London)

3. 12th July - Dr Brenna Bhandar (Senior Lecturer in Law at SOAS, University of London) will speak on Dispossession following a screening of High Hopes the 2014 documentary film on the Jahalin directed by Guy Davidi.


Press Information

For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities contact the gallery: info@p21.org.uk




Supported by: Educational Aid for Palestine; Centre for Invention & Social Process, Goldsmiths University of London; University of Exeter, Arts & Humanities Research Council and Hub Collective