11TH MARCH – 24TH APRIL 2016


Curator: Lucy Thurley

Artist: Susan Boulter

P21 Gallery is pleased to present ARE WE ALL HUMAN (E)?, an exhibition of new mixed media work by Susan Boulter which will open at P21 Gallery on March 10, 2016 at 6pm.
The exhibition is the result of ten years of increasing anger. Economic inequality in the world is getting worse: those that have not are paying for the crimes of those who have.
Guantanamo still exists; orange clad men are still in cages. U.N. resolutions are being violated; atrocities and attacks in the name of power and oil are being carried out.
Palestine is under constant attack, physically, economically and with a barrage of propaganda against the Palestinian people.  
Unscrupulous exploitation - culturally, morally, economically; the denial of human rights and the absence of the rule of law, both internationally and nationally, is endemic: are we not all being used as pawns for the benefit of those in power?
Boulter’s work contains and presents contradictions. It is at once visceral, raw, incisive and precise.  Her central concept challenges the role of “artist” within contemporary culture. Deliberately placing herself within this exhibition as an activist, an amateur and a provocateur, Boulter challenges the audience to think and to act, to become more than audience. This is a call to action as much as it is an “exhibition”.
Boulter says, “I am not an artist.  Inspired by attacks and atrocities, ten years ago my ideas came to be made into physical form”.
Over a period of six weeks the exhibition ARE WE ALL HUMAN (E)? will be complemented by a range of community events and film screenings.  

All media enquiries to Lucy Thurley
Tel. 074 9038 8646
Email: areweallhumane@gmail.com

Press Information
Press are invited to contact the gallery for early access during the installation period and further information.
Images from the exhibition are available upon request.


PRIVATE VIEW | Thursday 10th March 2016 | 18HR - 20:30