This is an attempt to visualize the thoughts about the informal neighborhoods we live in, from the perspective of their inhabitants alongside my own reflection of these spaces. The surreal approach in these manifestations is inspired by the architectural and social qualities of the settlements, and by the reflection of the emotional impact they make on us.



4 Artworks, 4 Spaces, 4 Reflections




Prejudice - إجحاف

A place where you feel dragged to rock bottom until you reach the top.







Invasion - اجتياح

A place where Architecture collides with Nature, fighting for its existence.







Alienation - انعزال

A place where you feel locked away by its streets and embraced by its buildings.






Contradiction - تضاد

A place where you can find your worst nightmare and your best dream side by side.







The exhibition is a reACT project and supported by the Art Council England and HUB Collective.