Through The Eyes




‘Through The Eyes’ is a photographic series reflecting a personal journey of self-representation and identity, exploring themes around cultural and religious expectations and standards often imposed mostly upon Arab women. 


Each photo within the series represents a cultural significance to the artists homeland of Libya, showcasing the country’s distinct culture while allowing for the viewer to consider and relate to it organically.



  • Gossip
  • Gossip
  • Gossip

The talker, the listener and the receiver | The gossip chronicles





“Have you heard?”





“She left us in disgrace. As the brutal executioner returns and meets the people. 

Shame? And he wipes his blade…”  - Nazik Al-Malaika- Shame




Hide in Shame

Cover your eyes, cover your ears, nothing to see here. 






Soul Searching

“She keeps safely hidden behind walls of fears…” Buddy Miller - Through The Eyes of a Broken Heart




Take Off

“She tried to be what he wanted her to be and she tried to do what he wanted her to do...

(but her honky tonk mind just couldn't find a way through”-) Terry Allen - Girl Who Danced Oklahoma 




The exhibition is a reACT project and supported by the Art Council England and HUB Collective.