Desert Culture ثقافة الصحراء


Exhibition Dates: 21st  – 22nd October 2023

Exhibition Opening Night: Friday 20th October 2023, 18:00 – 20:00



P21 Gallery presents Desert Culture, an exhibition with public program of activities. The featured works When Deserts Talk comprise video works, and sound. 


When Deserts Talk is a project by artist Ziyad Alroqi with a dual nature that is situated between deserts in Saudi Arabia (Dhanna) and the closest edge to the peninsula from the UK (Dungeness). It is an extension between cultures, a continuation of the Arabian legacy, a lens focusing on the contemporary nature of the Saudi Kingdom, a transcript of the recorded elements of that journey, and a way to redefine the desert. In other words, this project is a dialogue between 2 sites, situations, and languages of these un-empty landscapes that a nomad only knows.


In the boundless expanse of my artistic exploration, Ziyad has chosen the medium of audiovisuals as his canvas, and the desert, his eternal muse. Within this sensory landscape, he strives to engage and intrigue the senses of his audience, harnessing the powers of sound, light, and emotion.


Drawing inspiration from the enchanting vastness of the desert, Ziyad embarked on a creative journey guided by its shifting sands and timeless stories. The desert whispers its tales of endurance, transformation, and cultural evolution, and him, as an artist, seek to amplify these narratives in every frame and note.


Motivated by the cultural revolution unfolding in Saudi Arabia, he is captivated by the winds of change that are reshaping the very essence of Saudi’s traditions and heritage. It is within this dynamic cultural milieu that Ziyad’s art finds its purpose—to redefine the desert and, in turn, reshape the broader culture.


Ziyad’s background in architecture has left an indelible imprint on his creative soul, infusing his work with precision, structure, and a deep appreciation for spatial dynamics. Yet, he is most at home when I traverse the boundaries of artistic disciplines. Multi-media and multi-disciplinary arts offer the endless playground where Ziyad find himself most inspired and alive.


In his artistic practice, he is an experimenter, a seeker of new perspectives, and a weaver of new aesthetics. With every composition, he strives to reveal the hidden beauty of the desert, unveiling its layers of history, resilience, and boundless creativity. Through his work, Ziyad to invite viewers to join him in this exploration—to see, hear, and feel the sands as they have never before.


Ziyad’s ultimate aspiration is to contribute to a cultural renaissance where the desert’s artistry and the region’s vibrant traditions converge in harmony. Together, we shall redefine the desert, celebrating its innate beauty and the limitless potential for cultural evolution that arises from the sands.



Ziyad Alroqi, born in Afif in 1998 and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is an emerging artist on a mission to redefine the essence of deserts. His journey began with a profound passion for artistic expression, which led him to the world of architecture. Ziyad pursued a bachelor’s degree in architecture at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, graduating in 2021.


Fueling his desire to merge the realms of design and culture, Ziyad took a significant step forward by enrolling in a master’s program. He earned his master’s degree in Situated Practice, a program dedicated to contemporary art and culture, at UCL in 2023. This academic journey provided him with a deeper understanding of the interplay between art and society, a perspective that now informs his artistic endeavors.


Ziyad’s art is a captivating conversation between the deserts of Saudi Arabia and distant landscapes like Britain’s Dungeness. Through photography, filmmaking, and sound recording, he unveils the hidden beauty of seemingly barren landscapes, capturing the nomadic spirit and enduring narratives that bind them.


With “When Deserts Talk,” Ziyad invites viewers to transcend boundaries and explore the rich tapestry of desert culture. As a burgeoning artist with a solid academic foundation, he stands at the forefront of redefining the essence of deserts and their timeless stories.



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