Dlúpháirtíocht: Irish Solidarity with Palestine


Exhibition Dates: 5th - 13th  July 2024

Exhibition Opening: 4th July 2024, 18:00-20:00



The P21 Gallery is pleased to present Dlúpháirtíocht: Irish Solidarity with Palestine, an exhibition aims to display the work of Irish, Palestinian, and other international artists, photographers, and filmmakers that share a desire for their work to be representative of their opposition to the apartheid state and the suffering endured by Gaza and the West Bank.


Dlúthpháirtíocht began life as a poem. As an attempt to express a sense of horror and disgust for the current Israeli onslaught on Gaza. It grew organically into a collaborative project that became a vessel for works born from a similar rage, and a representation of the longstanding solidarity, or Dlúthpháirtíocht, held between our country, and our brothers and sisters in struggle in Palastine. 


Dlúpháirtíocht: Irish Solidarity with Palestine is the latest form the idea has taken.


Throughout the exhibition, Dlúthpháirtíocht and P21 will host a string of events celebrating Irish and Palestinian culture, including music, discussions, culture-based lectures, and more. 


Most importantly, Dlúpháirtíocht: Irish Solidarity with Palestine is a form of direct action. It is a way that you can interact, learn, and contribute financially to the project, with all profits being donated to Dignity for Palestinians, a charity run by UNRWA doctor Musallam Abukhalil, on the ground in central Gaza. 




Daragh (@daraghexists), Daragh is a London-based Irish photographer primarily working in documentary photography. 

Seán Óg Ó Murchú (@seananseanchai), Seán Óg Ó Murchú is a multidisciplinary Irish writer and activist working out of Belfast. He has published several short stories, plays, and articles, including features in The New Arab, Fortnight, and RTÉ Gaeilge 



Participating Artists: 

Alice Timmons O Brien, Aoibh Johnson, Aoife Crawley, Barry Bodhran, Brian Lincoln, Carlos Latuff, Daragh Exists, David Brown, Diabhal666, Dylan Wright With Mikey Cullen,Ellius Grace with Asbestos, Frank Rafferty, Illemeratii, James Jamison, Jana Traboulsi, John Flynn, Josh Mayfield, Kerry Mccullough, Lorcan Collins, Marc Rudin, Marwan Makhoul, Melville With Daphne Wesdorp, Mikey Cullen, Mohammad Sabaaneh, Nariman Elmofty, Paddy Critchley, Pattern Up, Rula Halawani, Seamus Murphy, Seán Óg Ó Murchú, Shahd Abusalama, Spicebag and Tala Zeitawai




For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities, please contact P21 Gallery, email: info@p21.org.uk, Tel. 020 7121 6190




Exhibition charity partner: Dignity for Palestinians


Dignity for Palestinians (DFP) is an independent, volunteer-run, and politically unaffiliated Palestinian group which aims to preserve the dignity for Palestinians in Gaza through Health and Wellness. The charity is run by Dr. Musallam Abukhalil and based in Nuseirat. They carry out emergency aid directly to those most in need on the ground in Gaza. They mainly serve thousands of Internally Displaced Persons from Gaza City and northern Gaza, who are staying in UNRWA shelters and tent cities that have formed during the genocide.

Their team has successfully carried out many initiatives to advance our mission, with sponsorships from individuals, groups and organizations from around the world.