Current Exhibitions

We Refuse to be Scapegoats

Exhibition Dates: 24th June - 10th July 2021     Artist: Pam Skelton Curator: Iliyana Nedkova      P21 Gallery is delighted to present We Refuse to be Scapegoats – the first UK solo exhibition in the last ten years by the established British artist of mixed Eastern European Jewi… More »

Past Exhibitions

Myself in Every Stranger’s Eyes

Exhibition Dates: 29th April - 29th May 2021          VIEW EXHIBITION ONLINE        Curator: HUB Collective Artists: Mignon group   “Knowing in advance what you are looking for means you are just photographing your prejudices. You have to photograph without planning what inst… More »

With Love, From Nowhere | ONLINE EXHIBITION

Exhibition Dates: 10 December - 31 December 2020     VIEW EXHIBITION ONLINE   Curator: Mishelle Brito Artists: Ellie Niblock & Alaa Tarazbouni     With Love, From Nowhere: The Places of Not Yet is a digital experience and collaboration between the artists in the cities of … More »

Mapping Sanctuaries

Exhibition Dates: 8th - 19th December 2020   VIEW EXHIBITION ONLINE   Curator: Mishelle Brito Artist: Alaa Alsaraji   With rising Islamophobia, fuelled by hateful media rhetoric and State surveillance and criminalisation of Muslim communities, our families and communities often … More »

Solitude, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, 160x 160 cm
Solitude, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, 160x 160 cm


Exhibition Dates: 21st - 29th July 2020 Curator: Tarek Tuma Artist: Nour Zantah   In the English language, “Ataxia” is a medical term referring to the loss of full control of bodily movements. “ATAX|A” is a body of paintings that examines the experiences of Syrian subjects who have … More »

Cry, the beloved country

24th September – 17th October 2020   Artist: Gil Mualem-Doron     “Cry, the beloved country” is a heart-wrenching series of room installations, documenting the links between Great Britain, Apartheid South Africa, Israel and Palestine. A journey into “the heart of darkness”, the exhibi… More »

Solitude, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, 160x 160 cm
Solitude, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, 160x 160 cm


Exhibition Dates: 12th - 21st March 2020 Curator: Tarek Tuma Artist: Nour Zantah   In the English language, “Ataxia” is a medical term referring to the loss of full control of bodily movements. “ATAX|A” is a body of paintings that examines the experiences of Syrian subjects who have… More »

Shamseh Eshq
Shamseh Eshq


Exhibition Dates: 18th February - 5th March 2020 Exhibition Opening: 18th February 2020, 18:00 - 20:00   Artist: Maryam Mirzaei    Maryam Mirzaei’s innovative approach to the traditional Persian art of miniature painting is a reflection of her personal journey as an artist. Although s… More »

The Meaning Of Prayer

5th December 2019 - 4th January 2020   Curator: Amina Diab Artist: Mohammed Fadhel Ben Khalfallah   Mohammed Fadhel Ben Khalfallah began his artistic journey in his homeland, Tunisia, nearly 30 years ago and continued assiduously in Paris. Early on in life, he began to explore a para… More »

The Found Archive of Hani Jawherieh

Exhibition Dates: 7th - 30th November 2019 Curated by Azza El Hassan Hani Jawherieh (1939-1976) was a Palestinian photographer and cinematographer who is responsible for the portrayal of Palestinians in the late 60s and 70s as freedom fighters and liberators of the world. In 1982, during the… More »

Richard Wilding, Rawanduz Gorge (Road through Kurdistan), 2014
Richard Wilding, Rawanduz Gorge (Road through Kurdistan), 2014

Road Through Kurdistan

3rd - 26th October 2019   Organised by Gulan   Curated by Richard Wilding and Mariwan Jalal The exhibition Road through Kurdistan shows artworks and artefacts relating to Kurdish history, culture and identity. It brings together an eclectic group of international artists, both Kurdish an… More »

Resilience Exile Mutation

2nd - 24th August 2019   Curator: Ghazaleh (Zalia) Zogheib Artist: DemaOne   Resilience Exile Mutation (REM) is both a visual tale of his life’s work and an exploration of a unique aesthetic; neither here nor there, Dema’s work shines in its singularity. Like many of us, Dema has always… More »

Promised Land, Nikolaj Larsen
Promised Land, Nikolaj Larsen

Sink Without Trace

13th June - 13th July 2019 Exhibition on Migrant Deaths at Sea   Curators: Federica Mazzara, Maya Ramsay Artists: Behjat Omer Abdulla, Broomberg & Chanerin, Victoria Burgher, Max Hirzel, Mariwan Jalal, Tamara Kametani, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Gil Mualem-Doron, Forensic Oceanograph… More »


Exhibition Dates: 5th April - 18th May 2019   The Art of Manal Deeb   Exhibition Launch and meet the artist: Thursday, 4th April 2019, 18:30 - 21:00   Curated by: Dagmar Painter Artist: Manal Deeb   In her first solo exhibition in London, Heart/Homeless, Manal Deeb expands… More »

Mariwan Jalal, Power and Destruction, 2014 
Mariwan Jalal, Power and Destruction, 2014 

I Am British Petroleum: King of Exploitation, King of Injustice

Exhibition Dates: 15th February - 2nd March 2019   Exhibition Launch: Thursday, 14th February 2018, 18:00 - 20:00   Curated by: BP or not BP    I AM BRITISH PETROLEUM: KING OF EXPLOITATION, KING OF INJUSTICE is an interdisciplinary exhibition of work by artists both in Iraq and in … More »

BAYT | The Art of Arab Hospitality

Exhibition Dates: 17th - 26th January 2019    Ehibition Launch: Friday, 18th January 2018, 18:30 - 20:30   The BAYT بيت (Arabic for home) exhibition will be launched on 18 January 2019 at the P21 Gallery in London. The exhibition is part of an intercultural and interfaith project that wi… More »

The Palestinian History Tapestry

Exhibition Dates: 11th - 22nd December 2018   Ehibition Launch: Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 18:30 - 21:00     In partnership with the Middle East Monitor, the Palestinian History Tapestry will launch the largest embroidered collection of illustrative work ever produced by Palestinian… More »

Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week

Exhibition Dates: 1st - 10th Novmeber 2018 A celebration of all genres of literature   Curator: Frédérique Cifuentes   Private View:Thursday, 1st November 2018, 18:00 - 20:00   P21 Gallery is proud to present ‘The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week’, a new project curated by … More »


Exhibition Dates: 30th March – 12th May 2018 INTERDISCIPLINARY ART EXHIBITION   Private View: Thursday, 29th March 2018, 18:00 - 20:00   Curator: Najlaa El-Ageli    Artists:  Najat Abeed, Mohammed Abumies, Huda Abuzeid, Mohamed Al Kharrubi, Takwa Barnosa, Mohamed Ben Khalifa, … More »


Exhibition Dates: 2nd December 2017 – 6th January 2018   Private View: Friday, 1st December 2017, 18:00 - 20:00   Curators: Toufik Douib  Artist: Anissa Berkane   Preface:  Strange times are those in which we live. We have unlimited access to knowledge and information, yet… More »

Autonomy of Self

Friday 11 th September – Saturday 31st October 2015   Curator: Joy Stacey Artists: Moufida Fedhila, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Šejla Kamerić, Aremenoui Kasparian Saraidari, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Nadia Mounier & Joy Stacey   Rejecting violence with the lens in former Ottoman t… More »

Gaza on Gaza

Friday, 7th August - 22nd August 2015   Gaza on Gaza is an exhibition of work by Palestinian artists in response to the lives devastated by the last year’s conflict. During the military offensive 1,500 Palestinian civillians were killed and over 500,000 were displaced from their homes. Across … More »