Exhibition Dates: 21st - 29th June 2024

Exhibition Opening: 20th June 2024, 18:00-20:00




The P21 Gallery is pleased to present Antoine Janot’s Gaza, a poignant and timely exhibition that casts a spotlight on the escalating humanitarian crisis gripping the Gaza Strip. Through stirring visuals and compelling narratives, this exhibition aims to ignite empathy, provoke reflection, and inspire action in the face of unprecedented suffering.


In the wake of Israel’s response to Hamas’ attacks on October 7, Gaza has become a battleground of despair. Shocking reports from Gaza health authorities reveal a staggering toll: over 35,000 Palestinians have perished, with an alarming 70% comprised of innocent women and children. Meanwhile, the wounded number over 53,000, their access to life-saving medical assistance severely curtailed by a collapsing healthcare system. Hospitals, once bastions of healing, now teeter on the brink of collapse, their corridors illuminated by the eerie glow of cellphone lights amidst relentless power outages.

Within this grim landscape, families grapple with unspeakable horrors. Children, innocent casualties of conflict, bear witness to the unfathomable brutality of war. In a heartbreaking gesture of preparedness, parents inscribe their children’s names upon their bodies, a desperate bid for identification amidst the chaos of death.

The exhibition catalyses meaningful conversations, encouraging visitors to engage critically with the complexities of the conflict. By confronting prevailing narratives and questioning the stance of Western powers, Gaza aims to stimulate thought and promote advocacy for change. 



Artist Biography

The exhibition features the poignant works of Antoine Janot, an artist and activist deeply involved with a French association fighting against precocity. Janot’s artistic practice is anchored in political and social commitment, addressing issues such as feminist revolutions in Iran, the war in Gaza, European migration policies, feminicides, and the Covid-19 pandemic. His works, including poems and photographic series, serve as a form of resistance and a call to action, aiming to decry or escape from harsh realities.


About the Curator

Kaylin Adela Yanta, a Master’s student at the University of London studying Museum Cultures and Curating, currently interns at the P21 Gallery. With an academic background in Cultural Anthropology, Diversity Studies, and Art History, Yanta’s passion lies in using art as a powerful medium for social change. Her mission as a curator is to bring to light stories that provoke thought, foster empathy, and inspire action.




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