Reimagining the character Mustafa from Salih’s ‘Season of Migration to the North’ novel as an Alfie’s dealer. This piece draws from the orientalist aesthetics in Mustafa’s ‘den of lethal lies’, also his bedroom, where he utilises the orientalist aesthetics to lure European women and ‘decolonise’ Sudan.


“In London I took her to my house, the den of lethal lies that I had built up, lie upon lie: the sandalwood and incense: the ostrich feathers and ivory and ebony figurines; the paintings and drawings of forests of palm trees along the shores of the Nile, boats with sails like doves’ wings, suns setting over the mountains of the Red Sea, camel caravans wending their way along sand dunes on the borders of the Yemen.” pg. 146


“The smell of burning sandalwood and incense made her dizzy.” pg.139

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