Bibi time: space: experience journey


The story of Bibi seeking asylum for 25 years and counting, demonstrating the detailed experienced conflicts faced. This is the first interview that was conducted, and the story that started this project.

Bibi. Left Somalia in 1995 with her husband. She left her children with her mother because of expenses and so they could continue their education. She went by ship to Yemen then was smuggled to Saudi, from there went to Syria at that point was sent back to Somalia. She was determined to try again. She went back to Saudi and after multiple applications her tourist visa to Italy was accepted. From Italy she went to Denmark then Sweden staying in different types of holding spaces in each destination which she describes as feeling like she was in prison. From there she went to Norway where she stayed at a relatives’ house where their asylum applications were accepted. So she saw that as a sign of hope. She went to the police and applied however since then, her applications have been held.  Forcing her to try again in Germany, however, the main issue with her application is that her biometrics were taken in Norway and the EURODAC system abides by Dublin’s third regulation: stating the country that registers an individual is responsible for them. It has been 25 years in total since she left Somalia, and she is still being moved from one holding space to the next.

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Q&A with artist Jumanah Bawazir
Q&A with artist Jumanah Bawazir