PERFORMANCE | Kerning Cultures

Tunisia's Liquid Gold


24th January 2023 | 19:00 - 21:30



The event is a part of a series of listening events featuring different episodes of the podcast Kerning Cultures. The evening will consist of a "screening" of the episode, followed by a Q&A and discussion session with the producers.


Think about the best olive oil you've ever tasted. What if we told you it probably came from somewhere you don’t expect?. In this live screening of a brand new episode from Kerning Cultures' latest season, we'll be travelling to the heart of the world's largest exporter of organic olive oil to learn all about the liquid gold that graces dinner tables around the globe. We will be joined by two fantastic guests, Sarah ben Romdane and Bouthenia ben Salem, who'll bring colour, history, and life to the surprising world of olive oil.


Alex Atack - Producer at Kerning Cultures

Zeina Dowidar - Producer at Kerning Cultures

Sarah ben Romdane - Founder of KAÏA Olive Oil

Bouthenia ben Salem - Chef, Founder of BabéldeB supper club


Kerning Cultures: Founded in 2015, Kerning Cultures is a podcast network dedicated to immersive audio documentaries featuring stories of culture, history, science, language and more from the Middle East and North Africa.



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The event is organised by P21 Gallery in partnership with Kerning Cultures