Bird / Human


Saturday, 25th June 2022  | 12:00 - 14:00



This free workshop hosted by artist Heba Al-Akkad is aimed at children and young people. Using fabric and puppetry techniques, participants will explore self-identity and coding through clothes by creating their own figures using textile and cardboard boxes. Bring an old photo that has meaning for you. All materials will be provided. All ages under 14 and parents welcomed to be present.


In acts of playful discovery, we will take the bird and the human, merging and mixing the two to obtain an inspired character. The imagination of the child will help create, through the use of recycled materials (fabrics and threads), an artistic doll. We will create a space to empower the child, encourage him or her to experiment with different materials that help develop skills of drawing and carving in an artistic frame. The bird will symbolise freedom, hope and migration.



Heba Al-Akkad was born in Damascus in 1981. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University 2006. She now lives and works in Gothenburg.

Her work is never didactic, though themes of isolation and vulnerability are pervasive. Her work often has a bright palette reminiscent of Matisse and the other Fauves and she speaks movingly of how she has learnt from the art of children. In her dream-like images, she works to disentangle feelings of abuse, loss and death and begins to create vivid pieces of art bridging her past, present, and future. In these images humorous imagery jostles alongside soulful longing and dark remembrances.

Al-Akkad has had solo shows internationally, including at the Gislaveds Konsthalle and the Skovde Konstmuseum, both in Sweden; Europia Gallery in France; Galerie Tanit in Lebanon; Alanda Art Gallery in Jordan; and Samer Kozah Gallery in Syria. She exhibits regularly in group shows around the world, including Venice, Washington DC, London, Dubai, Japan, and Germany.