Intersectional Feminism in the Middle East


Saturday, 16th July 2022  |  16:30 - 17:30



Lebanese designer and activist, Rana Khoury will speak about her social enterprise ‘Phenomenal Women’, which links women living in difficult situations and survivors of gender-based violence to better opportunities and help them leave the never-ending cycle of violence.



Rana Khoury, Creative Director and Social Entrepreneur, is behind most of the gender equality award winning campaigns coming out from the Arab region.


Her work has won many international awards amongst which 18 Cannes Lions, but also from D&AD, EPICA, EFFIES, CAPLES, LYNX to name a few. She also served in regional and international juries. She has dedicated the last years of her career to campaigns that would bring real change on the ground, and many of those she worked on have had a huge impact on the community in both Lebanon and the region and contributed to real change on institutional levels. Khoury also taught at the American University of Beirut a Creative Writing class for Media and Communication.


Recently, she established a social enterprise called “Phenomenal Women” that links women from difficult backgrounds, survivors of domestic violence, trafficking, sexual abuse and discrimination to training opportunities and job prospects.