The One Human Show


Saturday, 26th November 2022 | 16:00 - 17:30



The P21 Gallery is proud to collaborate with Bahatha Theatre and Human Nadj!

Nadjib Bedani, a French-Algerian therapist, who offers interactive shows called the "One Human Show". Well-established in Paris, he has travelled the world to discover people. His objective is to meet the 8 billion humans living on Earth!

He loves to collaborate with mindful people in order to create a link between people by asking broad but specific questions related to identity, self-consciousness, etc.

We are interested in what shapes our identity and the sense of belonging. We want to open discussions about mental health, and philosophical ideas while bringing communities together and connecting people to progress through Culture, Art, and Music. The One Human Show has the power to enlighten all of these aspects as well as emotional intelligence.

We believe that we all have a story to share and life experiences that shape our thoughts in different ways that can be shared in a safe environment.

The One Human Show is the adaptation of an original idea developed in Paris, France, by Human Nadj - Nadjib Bedani. Therapist, vlogger, and author, he organises weekly meetings that can bring up to 100 guests. These "shows" are then an opportunity to film totally improvised, spontaneous, and authentic conversations. Therefore, participants deliver on their thoughts, aspirations, limiting beliefs, identity, philosophy, etc... without entering their intimacy or factual events that they have been through. The One Human Show is a moment created to reunite. A camera. Guests. Two chairs. A stage. The idea is to talk with the various collaborators by inviting them to experiment with the use of the Socratic maieutic method. In-depth interactions in order to deliver ideas, emotions, feelings, and thoughts in front of a large assembly!

The purpose? Create a real emotional connection between the guests of this memorable show. The One Human Show is between a team building workshop, an official ceremony, a Ted talk, and a One Man Show.

An event to experience with the greatest number of participants!








The event is organised by P21 Gallery in partnership with Bahatha Theatre and Human Nadj