Palestinian Tatreez


18th February - 25th March   |   Every Saturday | 12:00 - 14:00


P21 Gallery will host a series of workshops on The Art of Palestinian Tatreez.


There will be six workshops, each one will focus on one motif. The workshops will be divided as follows:

  • Tree of life: Cyprus tree | 18th Februay 2023

  • Coffee cup | 25th February 2023 

  • Stitching resistance: Embroidery post-1948 | 4th March 2023

  • Flora and Fauna | 11th March 2023

  • Birds | 18th March 2023

  • Moon and the Stars | 25th March 2023


The workshops will be delivered by the Tatreez Collective, committed to documenting the cultural heritage of Palestine through the art of Palestinian cross-stitch. They view their practice as a way to document and promote Palestinian heritage, as well as an act of resistance in keeping Palestinian embroidery alive. 


The collective is a group of three diasporic women of Middle Eastern heritage united by a love of Tatreez. They want to share their skills and spread this art form, to connect to and promote Palestinian art. Each workshop will be 2 hours, to give time for students to learn the motif and ask any questions. We aim to have 20 attendees in each workshop. 


The workshops will be taught by the Tatreez Collective, which is made up of:

  • Yomn Al-Kaisi – Embroidery artist 

  • Dina Asfour – Embroidery artist 

  • Lizzy Vartanian – Embroidery artist


All materials needed for the workshop will be provided, threads, aida stitching material, and needles. Attendees will be able to take home their embroidered piece.







The workshops are delivered in partnership with Tatreez Collective.