Archiving Palestine


Wednesday, 27 November 2019 | 18:00-21:00


Join us for a discussion on individual and institutional efforts towards a formalised Palestinian audiovisual archive.

“Archive fever” is the term Professor Beshara Doumani has given to the Palestinian obsession with locating and preserving historic resources. This fixation, triggered by the 1948 uprooting of the Palestinian people from their homeland, has been driven by the state of Israel’s abduction of Palestinian historical material, which continues today. 

To discuss this “fever” and the urgency to locate and preserve Palestinian archives, The Void Project and the London Palestine Film Festival co-present, Archiving Palestine. This event presents a panel of academics and filmmakers to discuss various individual and institutional efforts towards a malformed Palestinian audiovisual archive. 

The absence of a safe and secure homeland in which Palestinians can store and accumulate an archive, poses a serious issue when attempting to collect archive. The panellists will address the national threats and security issues that put endanger the efforts towards a national archive. They will also focus on the current role of digital media in offering solutions to today’s Palestinian dilemma. 

This panel will be preceded by a screening of Yom Al Ard (15’), a film by Monica Maurer composed of recently restored and digitised rare footage shot in the Galilee (Nazareth, Deir Hanna, and Sakhnin) in celebration of 5th Land Day Anniversary in March 1981.

The panel will be chaired by filmmaker and founder of The Void Project, Azza El-Hassan.

- Filmmaker Monica Maurer
- Dr Bashar Shammout
- Dr Lena Al Jioyyusi
- Filmmaker Mohammad Al Attar



This event is co-produced by the London Palestine Film Festival and The Void Project (