Hekayyatna: How Do Archives Shape our Identities?


Thursday, 19th October 2023 | 19:00 - 21:00



It seems like everywhere around us, everyone’s talking about archives - but why should we care about archives in the first place? Join us at our next Hekayyatna event to explore what we mean when we talk about archives and how archiving can reflect and build our social and national identities. Whether you’re building a family archive from your grandparents’ photo albums, collecting a community archive on your voice memos app, or digging through national archives to bring to light uncovered histories, how and where we store these stories can affect our memories of the past and our actions in the future.



Al Shaibani - Founder & Host

Zeina Dowidar - Founder & Host



‘Hekayyatna’ means ‘our stories’ in Arabic. It’s where curious minds come to share, discuss and explore. Our monthly events focus on a central question that resonates personally and intellectually. We then find answers through a curated array of media: audio clips, videos, live interviews, music, and poetry.

Join us as we navigate connections – between people, between ideas, and between identities.


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The event is organised by P21 Gallery in partnership with Hekayyatna.