Exhibition Opening Night

Ramzi Mallat: Fault Lines


Thursday 9th November 2023, 18:00 - 21:00



Fault Lines is a solo presentation of recent works by Lebanese artist Ramzi Mallat, curated by Kirsty Flockhart. The exhibition title makes reference to the geological and cultural divisions that inform the artist's practice. Living and working between London and Beirut, Mallat explores the socio-political impact of globalisation on notions of identity and self. He hopes to broaden cross-cultural awareness with works that blend familiar and unfamiliar aspects of culture and question the idea of the respective Other.


Ramzi Mallat has been exhibited internationally, most notably at the UNESCO Palace and the Cervantes Institute in Beirut, Lebanon. His short film has been officially selected by film festivals in Dubai, Ireland and Lebanon.





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Generously supported by: HUB Collective (https://hubcollective.net)