Thursday. 15th April 2021 |18:30 - 19:15



Join 'mosaic' artists & co-directors Layla Madanat and Eleanor Nawal w/ special guest Sophie K. for special screening of the film followed by an artist Q&A session!


Eleanor Nawal

Eleanor Nawal is a British-Egyptian theatre and filmmaker from London. Much of her work explores questions of identity and belonging, as both sources of trauma and humour. She is a frequent collaborator of Layla Madanat, which began with Eleanor’s self written solo show ‘Half/نص.’


Layla Madanat

Layla is an Arab-British interdisciplinary artist and social justice activist from London. Whatever the form the work takes, she is driven by asking radical questions about ourselves and about the societies we live in. Much of her work experiments with combining artforms to create bold new narratives, aiming to shift the culture of storytelling in the UK.


Sofie K

Sofie K is a radio broadcaster, DJ, filmmaker and writer based in London and Manchester. Born in Wembley to a Polish Mother and Moroccan Father, her childhood was a hotchpotch of cultures which often found themselves in tension with one another rather than harmony.






The evnet is supported by the Art Council England and HUB Collective.