Kofia: a Revolution Through Music


Saturday. 9th October 2021 | 18:00 - 20:00



This event will be the London launch of the film "Kofia: a revolution through music," on the Palestinian band founded in Sweden after the 1967 crisis. The film itself (30 mins) will be presented by the director Louis Brehony, and the event will also include the short The Urgent Call of Palestine by Palestinian director Ismail Shammout. Following the film there will be a musical performance by Gazelleband, including Palestinian Oud player Reem Anbar. Palestine solidarity activists will also set up a small stall with literature and leaflets.



Dr Louis Brehony - Speaker and organiser. Independent.

Reem Anbar - Musician and organiser






A reACT evnet supported by HUB Collective.