Live Calligraffiti


Saturday, 14th May 2022, 14:00 - 17:00


Join international calligraffiti artist DemaOne for a mural painting workshop!

The produced collaborative piece will be painted on the P21 Gallery’s gates and become a part of the Kalila wa Dimna: Ancient Tales for Troubled Times exhibition.


Take part in the project and help us create a more inclusive UK Art space.


You can have a peek at the exhibition and the artists on the following pages
Instagram @kalilawadimnaexhibit
Facebook @KalilawaDimnaExhibit



Dema is a Belgian-Moroccan visual artist born and raised in Brussels, he started his exploration of art and identity thirty years ago. His work ranges from ink on paper calligraphy, to 30ft tall murals. He holds exhibitions and workshops internationally but spends most of his time organising events and activities for children and teenagers in his hometown of Brussels. Dema has always felt in between, at the crossroads of various identities and simply refused to choose a side. Each one of his pieces sits at the intersection of calligraphy, graffiti, poetry and language, diverging paths that all lead to personal and cultural growth. Dema not only embraces his intersectionality, he sees it, in all its complexity, as his truest self.

Artist Instagram: @demacnn



Kalila wa Dimna: Ancient Tales for Troubled Times has developed out of the work of Language Acts and Worldmaking, a flagship project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project is principally funded by The National Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and Language Acts and Worldmaking. The exhibition is hosted by the P21 Gallery.




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