An Introduction to Miniature Painting: A Demonstration


Monday, 6th June 2022  |  19:00 - 20:00




Watch artist Vaishali Prazmari demonstrate the techniques of miniature manuscript painting. In the one-hour online session, the artist will take you through the process of transferring an image, inking in the lines, colour filling, rendering/shading and painting the final outlines with tiny brushes. The Kalila wa Dimna fables were famously illustrated by miniature painters across different dynasties and the artist chose the miniature format for her displayed work at Kalila wa Dimna: Ancient Tales for Troubled Times exhibition.


Vaishali will demonstrate the different painting stages by working on a variety of different artworks and you will get to see a number of different painting types and styles. You have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session in the chat section and at the end. If you are interested in going further, Vaishali teaches this unique and specialist art form at:


Vaishali Prazmari incorporates Persian, Indian and Chinese elements into her work. This cultural richness has a historical tradition dating back to the Silk Road and is epitomised in Islamic, Safavid Persian and Mughal Indian miniature paintings. She integrates both the ancient and modern in her own works and brings traditional miniature painting to life for a wider audience through her various roles as artist, educator and curator: Born in London, she has lived on an island in Hong Kong, Paris, and she currently lives and works in London.


Vaishali holds degrees from both the Slade School of Fine Art and the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and holds an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (UCL) specialising in floating islands. She studied Persian and Indian miniature painting under various masters and during her MA at PSTA and Chinese painting under a master in Hong Kong. Having been immersed in the ancient traditions of Chinese painting, miniature painting and oil painting as well as today's contemporary art she is now working towards a PhD at the Slade, painting 1001 paintings generated by the 1001 Arabian Nights. She has been painting ever since she could get her chubby hands on a brush.







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