We All Live in Gaza by Maurice Jacobsen

Documentary Film Screening followed by Q&A with Director


Wednesday, 3rd May 2017, 18:30-20:30


Preview Edit - 70 minutes in length. 

The Gaza Strip.  What has happened in the past?  What is happening today?  How are the men women and children surviving the siege?  Why is it continuing unabated?  

And most critically, how can a just resolution be found? 

To fully understand the situation as it exists on the ground, our story takes place in equal measure inside and outside Gaza.


"You can be forgiven for being confused, but you can't be forgiven for detaching yourself.                      

 John Ging, Director, U.N. Mission to Gaza 2009 - 2013


The Gaza Strip.  341 square miles, 1,800,000 men, women and children, 55% under the age of 24. All under siege and blockade, the longest such siege in modern history.  

Through the eyes of artists, journalists, historians and the women, men and children of Gaza We All Live in Gaza chronicles the story of what has happened historically and what is happening today. The project seeks and finds answers to why the siege is continuing unabated.  And most critically explores the issues of how a just resolution can be found. 

In collaboration with The Media Group, Gaza City www.mediagroup.ps and video producers both inside and outside the territory, the project has been in production since 2009.  Inside the siege you will meet farmer, Mohammed Obied; artist Basel Maqusi; hop-hop performer, Ayman Mghamis; student, Deema MischeI; single mother, Fatma Quota; and many others; the culmination of literally thousands of hours of production and editing. 

“It is our desire to gain critical response during these previews,” explains director Maurice Jacobsen, “the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a sensitive and complex issue that touches people’s raw emotions, it is important as documentary makers we accurately reflect the situation as it exists today on the ground.”

Complete project information, sample videos and bios can be found on the project’s website: www.we-gaza.com


Maurice Jacobsen is an independent documentary producer/director who has worked on projects throughout the world for the past thirty-five years.  With projects produced for PBS (Dialogue, Will Our Children Thank Us?) and Discovery Channel Europe (Expedition 360), he began working in the Middle East with funding from KQED-TV, San Francisco and ITVS on the online documentary series Jerusalem: A Living History.maurice-jacobsen.wixsite.com





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