Art Making and Art Therapy 


Thursday, 23rd August 2018 | 18:00 - 20:00


The talk is in extension of "Tints of Resilience" Exhibition and bridges the boundaries between visual expression and academic discussion.

• Does art-making help in developing coping and empowerment mechanisms in times of/post adversity? 
• What is the difference between art-making and art therapy? 
• Does the end product (artwork) matter in art therapy?
• Is exhibiting art therapeutic?

Participating artist in "Tints of Resilience", Diala Brisly will discuss her journey from war in Syria to social activism in Lebanon, to asylum and artistic production in Europe.

“My individual experience is a witness to the collapse that is occurring in Syria, a collapse mirrored inside of us, even if we are far, safe, and feeling privileged to have survived. I began painting "Survival Mode" in 2018, as a way to re-establish connections with my self, with fleeting memories and cope the with all changes in the last seven years". Diala Brisly

Myra Saad, art therapist and founder of Artichoke Studio- Art Therapy Center in Lebanon, will discuss the commonalities and the differences between art making and art therapy, while presenting different approaches to art therapy depending on context and type of trauma. Myra will give specific examples of art therapy interventions in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

Join us to discover the limitless possibilities of art that can contain, and art that can transform.


Diala Brisly was born in Syria. She began as a cartoonist at the Syrian-based Spacetoon channel in 2001 and soon became a layout artist for a variety of cartoon TV shows. Her skills include layout design, animation, concept art, painting, character design, and illustration.

At the onset of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Diala participated artistically in social campaigns and projects focused on social justice, freedom, and human rights. In 2014, she started painting murals and conducting art workshops in refugee centres to support access to education for children refugees.

When not painting you can find Diala dancing. “I dance knowing that everyone is watching yet I feel free in all aspects”.

Myra Saad, Artichoke Studio. With her graduate studies in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University (Cambridge, MA, USA), Myra Saad is one of the very few qualified art therapists in Lebanon. She has founded “Artichoke Studio- Art Therapy Center in Lebanon” to establish the field in the region. Between the U.S. and Lebanon, Myra has worked the last 8 years as an art therapist in hospitals, prisons, rehab centers, refugee camps, and other settings. She is a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA). Having lived through the “civil war” in Lebanon, Myra’s interest turned to psychological trauma related to violent conflicts. She has been working in Lebanon and in Iraq with people affected by war.

Artichoke Studio is committed to promoting art therapy as a recognizable, available, and affordable mental health profession in the region. It offers art therapy services to individuals and groups based on high ethical standards. Artichoke Studio also collaborates with various organizations in using creative expression as a tool for self-development, change and grow.




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