Curator: Sara Foryame


Artists: Mohamad Abdeen, Manal Deeb, Ranjena Gohil, Abdullah Hawash, Obayda Jamal, Marcella Mameli-Badi & Khaled Salem


P21 Gallery is pleased to present Jerusalem//Home, a group exhibition bringing together the photographic works of 4 young photographers from Jerusalem, ceramic works by two London-based artists, and digital artworks by a Palestinian American artist based in the USA.

Jerusalem//Home is projecting an image of the entirety of Jerusalem that is truer to its complex mixture of religions, histories and cultures: to be fully complete, it has to be reconnected with the dream of liberating Palestinians from the burdens of being under Israeli occupation. Highlighting the issue of the Judeasation of Jerusalem by dealing with it frontally, with a coordinated, well-planned artistic campaign stating the visual facts, this exhibition brings it to the attention of Jerusalem’s enormous worldwide constituency.

Art activity, such as this exhibition, is part of a much wider movement to protect homes inside the Old City; this includes help for legal proceedings, women’s education and training, and the establishment of an early warning system against marauding settlers. Ultimately, this exhibition aims to highlight the danger of dispossession that exists in every square inch of Palestinian life and property in the metropolitan Jerusalem area.