Silenced Voices: 

Stories from Srebrenica & Sarajevo


Private View: 2nd June 2016, 18:00 – 21:00

Exhibition dates: 3rd June 2016 – 12th July 2016


Curators: Tayyabah Ahmed & Akbar Khan 



P21 Gallery is pleased to present Silenced Voices: Stories from Srebrenica & Sarajevo, an exhibition dedicated to the Bosnian War of 1992 - 1995.

The exhibition will feature a unique body of work by a group of photographers who recently visited Bosnia & Herzegovina. With their pictures, they tell a painful tale of modern day genocide within Europe and its scarring aftermath. The exhibition will also include installations bringing to reality the darkest period of the war; the barbarity of the concentration camps and the horrific mass graves.

The night of the launch will see the exclusive screenings of the short films ‘Hear No Evil’ by upcoming talented film maker Akbar Khan and ‘Silenced Voices’ by award winning film maker Shehroze Khan & fashion designer Raihan Ali. Audiences will be able to participate in an exciting discussion and a Q&A session with the film makers about their films, and of course, their experiences in Sarajevo & Srebrenica. 

The exhibition & events are a prelude to the 21st memorial week for Srebrenica which will be taking place nationally from 11th July – 17th July 2016 with the charity Remembering Srebrenica.

Silenced Voices honors the 8,372 victims, as well as the survivors of the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica – a small town in eastern Bosnia & Herzegovina notorious now for the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War.

The exhibition is designed both as an act of remembrance for the victims and also a powerful warning of the threat that intolerance, racism & hatred pose to our own society here in the UK. 

Curators of the exhibition and organisers of the events; Tayyabah Ahmed & Akbar Khan have said that, 

“Since our trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina, and meeting the survivors of the brutal war including the mothers of Srebrenica, we felt it was imperative that we give a voice to these silenced voices; their stories remain either forgotten or unheard.”

“But in their voices, there is not only unbearable & immeasurable heartbreak; there is also courage & wisdom in how to promote peace, tolerance & harmony so that such harrowing experiences are never faced by anyone ever again.”

“These voices cannot remain silent any longer, not when prejudice, intolerance & hatred still exist in such a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-ethnic society like ours here in the UK.” 



Brief background on Remembering Srebrenica

Remembering Srebrenica raises awareness of the genocide in the UK. It organises the UK Srebrenica Memorial Week, which leads up to the EU-wide day of remembrance for the victims of the genocide, Srebrenica Memorial Day, on 11 July.

It also runs the ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ educational visit programme to learn from the genocide and people’s lives. On returning to the UK, delegates pledge to organise projects in their communities to strengthen community cohesion and create a better society.  

Remembering Srebrenica Chairman Dr. Waqar Azmi OBE states,

“This year is the 21st anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica – the single greatest atrocity committed on European soil since the Second World War and a brutal reminder of man's inhumanity to man. We are grateful to our volunteers in London for their hard work. Their event will help to raise awareness of Srebrenica, whilst inspiring local people to tackle hatred, build stronger, more cohesive communities and ensure Srebrenica is never forgotten.”



All media enquiries to:

Tayyabah Ahmed, tayyabah_ahmed@hotmail.co.uk

Akbar Khan, akbar_khan@hotmail.co.uk 


Note for editors:

In 1993, Srebrenica was declared a UN Safe Area, under the watch of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR). In July 1995, Serbian paramilitary units overran and captured the town, despite its designation as an area 'free from any armed attack or any other hostile act.

On 11 July 1995 General Ratko Mladić and his Bosnian Serb forces marched into the town of Srebrenica and systematically murdered 8,372 Bosnian Muslim men and boys.

Remembering Srebrenica is a charitable initiative part-funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, and supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Since April 2014, more than 350 leaders and key figures have gone on Lessons from Srebrenica visits to Bosnia. The charity has also developed education packs on the lessons of the Srebrenica genocide for use in secondary schools in the UK.

For further information on the work of the charity please visit:

Website: http://srebrenica.org.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rememberingsrebrenica

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SrebrenicaUK

Or contact Amy Drake, Tel. 0121 454 3343, Email: amy.drake@srebrenica.org.uk