Nedim Draws Writing


Exhibition Dates: 17th - 25th  May 2024

Exhibition Opening: 16th May 2024, 18:00-20:00



P21 Gallery is pleased to present Nedim Draws Writing, a solo exhibition by Iraqi/Dutch multi-disciplinary artist Nedim Kufi, curated by Najlaa El-Ageli.In the exhibition the artist embarks on a journey of imagination and exploration, delving into the essence of the Word itself. Through a meticulous process of fragmentation, Kufi’s work breathes life into words and transforms them into tangible objects to reveal the hidden magic. These ethereal creations float in a weightless artificial universe, seemingly beyond our reach. Each element is crafted with precision, relying solely on the force of gravity and the delicate interplay between carefully chosen materials.


Language plays a vital role in Kufi’s artistic pursuits, as he uncovers connections and brings out layering that is initially foreign but later familiar to the uninitiated eye. The displayed pieces showcase his innovative approach to language, as he skilfully moulds words into abstract and playful configurations to relay meaning, revealing overlaps and messages. The works represent an inventive yet expert manipulation of words and utilising forms with the emergence of a new graphic vocabulary.


Nedim perceives words as dynamic fluid entities, capable of being juxtaposed, reflected upon, nurtured, and cultivated; just like seeds that can be planted and later blossom, flourish, wilt, and ultimately regenerate, giving rise to infinite reinterpretations and a fusing of visual languages. With each work, the tension that arises between the words and picture, is harnessed to build a thesaurus of compositions and tangible items. The assortment encompasses a rich collection of Arabic words and letters, that he is thoroughly analysing, dissolving, and reimagining to bring out fresh and novel significance.


“Since Arabic is more elegant and spiritual, I try to express it through a visual medium. There is therefore a mixture of elements that occur by chance and are therefore subject to chance and chance. Therefore, it will form a larger composition through a series of elements and ultimately tell a story. The contradictions that arise between image and text tell us about the friction between meanings, as the idea is based on chaos and randomness.” Nedim Kufi.


Curator Najlaa El-Ageli has noted: “Nedim Kufi’s mastery of language is evident in his skillful use of diction to evoke vivid imagery. By intertwining words and visuals, he challenges the observer to question the meaning of language on both a general and specific level. Through his unique perspective and exploration, Nedim prompts thought-provoking realisations and draws the viewer into a world where words and images coexist harmoniously.


“In this exhibition, Nedim’s artworks serve as a reflection of the current reality, blending mythical concepts, introspective musings, and linguistic creativity. The result is a visually captivating landscape characterised by disorder and curiosity. These pieces of art showcase the intricate interplay between Eastern and Western cultures, with Arabic letters, words, and text serving as a conduit for exploring the complexities of the language.”




Nedim Kufi was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1962. He obtained a BA in Fine Art (etching) from the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad in 1985. Following this, he pursued studies in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad from 1986 to 1990. Later on, he furthered his education by studying ceramics and graphic art at the School of Art, Utrecht from 1998 to 2002.

Since 1995, Kufi has been living and working in the Netherlands. His creative practice involves working with mixed media, including paper, flowers, earth, and ceramics; to establish a strong connection between various disciplines such as printing, etching, sculpture, and design. His art often incorporates grids, drawing inspiration from the Islamic tradition of repetition and patterning. 

Through his work, Kufi explores and juxtaposes Middle Eastern and European cultures, using images and ideas that are rich in ambiguity and paradox. His methods also seem to challenge conventional notions of rationality, similarity, and contradiction on a global scale. He advocates for minimalism in art, utilising repetitive and overlapping structures to influence the viewer’s perception, and prompting spectators to reflect on their own identities, cognition, and social interactions.




Najlaa El-Ageli, an architect with over twenty years of experience, founded Noon Arts Projects in 2012 to spotlight contemporary MENA region art. With collaborations including the Shubbak Festival and The Africa Centre, she has curated over 24 projects worldwide, including notable exhibitions like “Pop Art from North Africa”,”Retracing A Disappearing Landscape”, Alternative Museum of the Sudan “ and “Totalitarian Props”. El-Ageli, respected for her quality exhibitions, continues to promote MENA and diaspora art.




For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities, please contact curator Najlaa El-Ageli:, Tel. 075 0087 1919 or P21 Gallery, email:, Tel. 020 7121 6190