We Are Not Numbers


Exhibition Dates: 3rd - 11th May 2024

Exhibition Opening Night: 2nd May 2024, 18:30-20:30




Bringing Voices of Palestine to London


P21 Gallery is pleased to present We Are Not Numbers, an exhibition featuring works from talented Palestinian artists and storytellers, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich culture, heritage, and struggles of Palestinians' stories– the real life stories behind the media statistics. In addition to the visual displays, there will be panel discussions, film screenings, and interactive workshops exploring various aspects of Palestinian life, history, and activism.


We Are Not Numbers (WANN) is a youth-led Palestinian nonprofit project in the Gaza Strip. It tells the human stories about Palestinians in the news and advocates for their human rights. Through this platform, we share and celebrate Palestinians’ lives whose authors have been mentored by experienced writers from all over the globe. The mission of WANN is to create a new generation of Palestinian writers and thinkers who can bring together a profound change to the Palestinian cause to get their voices heard, without foreign intermediaries speaking on behalf of the Palestinians.


The platform celebrates a diverse range of Palestinians’ life stories, whose authors have developed their stories with the help of experienced media professionals. Through various forms of artistic expression, including photography, paintings, and multimedia installations, the We Are Not Numbers exhibition showcases the resilience, creativity, and humanity of Palestinians living under occupation and in refugee camps.


At the heart of the exhibition is the recognition that every Palestinian has a story to tell, a voice to be heard, and the right to justice. By providing a platform for these narratives, the We Are Not Numbers presentation challenges stereotypes, breaks down barriers, and fosters understanding and solidarity.


“We believe in the power of storytelling to create empathy, build bridges, and inspire change,” Ahmed Alnaouq, WANN Co-Founder, told the curators of the We Are Not Numbers exhibition. “Through this exhibition, we hope to shed light on the realities faced by Palestinians and to advocate for their fundamental rights to freedom, justice, and equality.”


Join us by standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in amplifying their voices for justice and peace.




The exhibition is in partnership with WANN and organized by a volunteering team: Almuhannad Allahham and Taya Amit “Curators”, Karen King “Advisor”, and Soraya Fahmy “Graphic Designer”. 




For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities, please contact: Walaa Sabah WANN Project Manager walaa@wearenotnumbers.org , or P21 Gallery, email: info@p21.org.uk , Tel. 020 7121 6190










Generously supported by: Amos Trust, Association of Student Activism For Palestine, Jewish Network For Peace, Na’amod: British Jews Against Occupation, and Palestine Deep Dive. The Project is Financed by Lush