Hekayyatna: How do we Foster Belonging in our Cities?


Wednesday, 6th September 2023 | 19:00 - 21:00




Do you see yourself reflected in your city? What features (design, communal or otherwise) foster a sense of belonging in London?


Join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion on the crucial topic of cultivating belonging in our city. This event will bring together ideas of how policy, architecture, individuals and histories come together to dictate who belongs and who doesn't within London and beyond.


As you make your way around this metropolis, we ask: what things inspire you to call this city as your own? We'll embark on a collective journey toward building cities that embrace diversity, encourage dialogue, and cultivate a strong sense of kinship for all. Together, we can shape urban spaces where every voice is heard and every individual feels a genuine connection to their community.




Al Shaibani - Founder & Host

Zeina Dowidar - Founder & Host




‘Hekayyatna’ means ‘our stories’ in Arabic. It’s where curious minds come to share, discuss and explore. Our monthly events focus on a central question that resonates personally and intellectually. We then find answers through a curated array of media: audio clips, videos, live interviews, music, and poetry.


Join us as we navigate connections – between people, between ideas, and between identities.




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The event is organised by P21 Gallery in partnership with Hekayyatna.



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