Messages from Gaza Now 3


Tuesday, 5th December 2023 | 19:00 - 21:00




This is the third event at which we will be sharing texts and messages we have received since October 7th from our colleagues and friends in Gaza. We will be reading all the accounts sent by our partners in Theatre for Everybody received up to the day of the event. Our Messages from Gaza Now events on Tuesday 24th October and Tuesday 7th November gave participants a deep and detailed insight on the human consequences of the attack on Gaza.


"Cry, baby, cry my son, no shame, cry as much as you want, cry as much as you were afraid, cry until your cries reach the sky or reach a moving heart somewhere in this mad world!"


Hossam Madhoun's accounts tell the whole story of the evacuation, the impact of the 'complete siege', the bombing, the effort to help neighbours and displaced people, the shortages and the confrontation with human suffering. This will be the first comprehensive reading of this testimony.


The texts will be read, as at our previous gatherings, by a group of artists and others who have assembled themselves around our GAZA: THERE & HERE project. This event is a chance to breathe into the personal experiences of Palestinians in the crisis caused by genocidal violence. Listening and bearing witness together we can deepen our sense of solidarity and love.


Az Theatre (London) and Theatre for Everybody (Gaza) have been in creative partnership since 2009. We were in the process of developing a new stage of our collaboration called AUGUST 9th PROJECT (the date in 2018 when the Israeli armed forces destroyed the Al Mishal Cultural Centre in Gaza). It involves 30 creative workshop session for young adults in 3 centres in Gaza.



Jonathan Chadwick
Ruth Lass



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The event is organised by P21 Gallery in partnership with Az Theatre


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