Environmental Injustice and Resistance


Tuesday, 9th April 2019 | 18:30 - 21:00


A main effect of war, occupation and neo-colonial policies is the ecological crisis. This is a reality from Palestine, Morocco to Iraq, and it is already undermining the socioeconomic and basis of life in the region. Its effects are seen in disruptive climate change, polluting extractive industries, exhaustion of natural resources, water scarcity and wars leaving behind metals delivered by modern ammunition, D.U and white phosphorus as in Iraq and Gaza. It is this tragic state of affairs that creates “sacrifice zones”, where socio-environmental conflicts over land, resources and livelihoods take centre stage. People across the region are demanding jobs, sovereignty, a safe environment and accountability for those who abuse their power as well as building alternatives.


Hamza Hamouchene; an Algerian writer, translator and activist, from Environmental justice North Africa. chair and contributor.

Dr. Basil AbdulJabbar LATIF Assa’ati; a consultant engineer, specialised in chemical process and equipment design for oil, gas, energy.

Paola Manduca; Professor of Genetics, with expertise in: Molecular Biology, Cancer Research and Cell Biology. Author of papers on the effects of metals delivered by modern ammunition, on population of Falluja & Gaza.




Supported by:  Tadhamun (Iraqi Women Solidarity) and Iraq Solidarity Month