P21 Gallery, located in Somers Town, is a London-based charitable trust promoting contemporary Arab art and culture. P21 Gallery is also committed to creating visibility for Arab artists worldwide. Their residency programme, reACT, offers invaluable opportunities for emerging and student artists to contribute their talents and artwork to help build and strengthen cultural ties and to facilitate dialogues between the East and West on terms designed by a younger generation.


P21 Gallery's architectural spaces were designed to maximise the effect of contemporary art as a discourse, through multimedia installations with supporting facilities for public functions. These include conferences, workshops, lectures, and film screening. A specialised café serves the general public.


The P21 Gallery is centrally located next to the British Library, the University of the Arts (Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design), the University of London, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the University of Westminster and the London School of Economics (LSE). It is well served by the London Underground and major national and international transport hubs such as St Pancras (Euro Star Terminal), Kings Cross and Euston Stations.

Aims & Objectives

1. To build a viable cultural link between the Arab world and the Western European audience. 
2. To promote dialogue between artists from the Arab world and the global artistic community. 
3. To increase awareness in the West of such cultural and artistic wealth. 
4. To encourage and support experimental works from an expanded lens-based media. 
5. To establish training workshops for adults and children to encourage cultural diversities. 
6. To collaborate with local institutions to provide a hub of cultural activities aimed at the large Arab and Palestinian diaspora in the United Kingdom. 
7. To provide a much needed platform to evaluate these activities by bringing artists to the centre of a thriving modern and contemporary art scene. 

The P21 Gallery aims to promote and display such diverse cultural projects from the Middle East, the Maghreb, and from the Arabic speaking communities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Projects & Activities

The P21 Gallery has planned a multitude of projects and activities for 2022 and beyond which include, but are not limited to:
Major Themed Exhibitions on Art, Architecture and Photography; opportunities for experimental projects and for young and new artists. Parallel to exhibitions the P21 runs public program of events that includes: Gallery Talks, Performances, Workshops, Film Talks and Book Reading.